City cannot smile with remarkable action by local residents to stop litter: “Everyone can come there” (Mechelen)

City cannot smile with remarkable action by local residents to stop litter: “Everyone can come there” (Mechelen)
City cannot smile with remarkable action by local residents to stop litter: “Everyone can come there” (Mechelen)

The walking path that runs next to the vliet in the Muntstraat is very popular. Especially with young people, now that the school year has started again. During their lunch break, students sit down to eat. “We discovered this place last school year. Unfortunately, there are few places where we can go near our school. We always take our waste with us, but we notice that not everyone does that”, says one of the young people.

The fact that a lot of rubbish is left behind annoys older residents of the Clarenhof residence. “We were young ourselves. We have no problem with young people coming here for lunch, but they do have to take their rubbish with them,” says one resident. Some of his neighbors regularly clean up the litter: from empty soda cans to half-eaten packets of fries, they can find everything here.

“The signs have to go there”

“But it’s not just young people. People also come here for a walk with their dogs. They don’t always put the poop in the bag,” says another resident. “Not to mention the pee corner.” In the hope of putting a stop to the nuisance, signs were attached to the benches on the vliet with the inscription ‘private’. They should emphasize the private character of the environment around the Clarenhof.

They see it differently in the city. “The signs have to go there, everyone can come there,” says Koen Anciaux (Vld-Groen-m+), alderman of Property. “It is true that the area is partly private property, but due to the construction of the vliet, the neighborhood has a public character. We are going to ask the association of co-owners to remove the signs,” says Anciaux.

Litter has been a problem on the walking path on the Vliet for some time. — © rr

The manager of the building awaits the request from the city. “I understand the concern of local residents, it is more than justified. The amount of waste that is left there is large. The people who live nearby are of course tired of that. They clean up the litter time and time again,” responds syndic Kurt Descamps.

“Pleasures, but also burdens for the city”

He hopes the city will take action. “Because the footpath is open to the public, the city enjoys the delights. It would be nice if she also contributes to the burden. Maybe the street sweepers can pass here extra?” Some local residents wonder whether placing a garbage can is useful, while others fear that it will attract even more litter.

“We will look at what is possible with the teams responsible for the maintenance of the public domain,” says Patrick Princen (Vld-Groen-m+), alderman of Public Works. Throughout the city there are more places with a private character that are nevertheless publicly accessible.

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