Aldi is holding a sale with rock bottom prices in the outlet store (but you have to be quick) (Drogenbos)

Aldi already presents itself as a cheap supermarket, but apparently it can be even cheaper. Everything is sold at rock-bottom prices in a new outlet store in Drogenbos. From inline skates for children to microwave ovens to electric scooters. The reason? Due to the corona crisis, the chain still has large stocks and many of those products are seasonal.

When Aldi was renovating its store on Grote Baan in the Flemish Brabant Drogenbos, they temporarily moved to an empty building on the corner of Langestraat and Kuikenstraat. That building, which once housed a Krëfel, now serves as a pop-up outlet. It sounds as long as supplies last, but perhaps until sometime in mid-October.

“Every day, the outlet store will offer a new selection of all kinds of non-food items at substantial discounts. It’s a way to get rid of our stocks. During the corona crisis, for example, there was a temporary ban on the sale of non-food items. That has led to us still having large stocks,” it sounds.

The outlet store, which is open six days a week, regularly offers a new selection of all kinds of non-food items. Now school supplies, ergonomic cushions, lounge chairs and cool bars are very popular. Garden items will be added in the coming days.

“The discount percentages are always looked at product by product. For an electric scooter you now pay 240 euros, a microwave 50 euros, hammocks with a stand 40 euros,” says Tine De Keersmaker of Aldi.

Well thought out

According to Jorg Snoeck, founder of RetailDetail, it is not surprising what Aldi is doing in times when everyone wants to limit stocks. “Because large stocks, that is lying money that you as a company have nothing to do with. Moreover, it is not a first: Lidl has already done it for them.”

“And don’t worry: Aldi will certainly not sell at a loss,” says the retail expert. “But if you want to get rid of those stocks, you have two choices: either you have a buyer come over with whom you agree on a price per kilogram, or you sell everything at rock bottom prices. Aldi certainly thought about it carefully and carefully calculated what the most interesting solution was. And the location will not be a coincidence either. Usually for such cases, regions are sought where purchasing power is slightly less.”

To give everyone the opportunity to shop for bargains, an Aldi outlet has also been opened in Binche (Hainaut). And from next week there will be one in Izegem, in West Flanders.

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