Seven injured after a car hits a horse trailer in Brecht, two horses collected for care (Brecht)


A spectacular accident happened on the Oostmalsebaan in Brecht on Sunday evening. A car drove into a trailer with horses. The car started spinning and hit another vehicle. Miraculously, no one was seriously injured, but there was a lot of damage to the eyes. Seven people were taken to hospital for treatment. Two horses were taken in by local residents for care.

The accident happened around 6:45 PM. A group of horse lovers from Westerlo returned on Sunday evening after a successful day of competition in Wuustwezel. With two horses neatly in their trailer, they drove home on the Oostmalsebaan in Brecht, when suddenly an oncoming vehicle deviated from its track.

“A total of three vehicles were involved in the incident,” said Nick Krols, spokesperson for the Voorkempen police zone. “A car, driving towards Brecht, deviated from its track for unknown reasons and ran into the horse trailer, after which the trailer ended up on its side. The car that entered has started to spin and hit another vehicle in the process.”


Local residents who heard the incident immediately rushed to help and received the victim. The emergency services rushed to the spot. “Seven people, including children, suffered minor injuries and were taken to hospital for a check-up,” says Krols.

Together with a farmer from the neighborhood, the fire service was able to free the two horses safely from the trailer. “The horses were rescued in a pasture about 100 meters from the scene of the incident. A veterinarian is on site to check the animals. All in all, the injuries seem to be okay.”


Due to the accident, the Oostmalsebaan was completely closed for a while, the police planned a diversion. The horse trailer could be straightened with a farmer’s excavator. The three vehicles involved and the trailer had to be towed. The road was reopened around 8:15 p.m.


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