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LiviosAfter the hot and dry summer, the lawns in Flanders are even redder than red. Not much rain is expected in the coming weeks. What can you do this fall to maximize your lawn recovery? Construction site Livios asked Bart Verelst of Groen Groeien.

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05-09-22, 11:04

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How do you restore a rosy lawn?

You can restore a rosy, dry and unhealthy lawn by sowing new grass seed in the autumn. To overseed an existing lawn, you can rent a machine intended for that purpose. This way you work the grass seed into the soil. But also a scarifier or a scarifier rake allows you to bring an old lawn back to life. “Use the machine or the rake to cut narrow lanes in the grass. Then you scatter new grass seed and wait for rain or water yourself,” explains Verelst. The dry spots in the lawn are covered by new grass in such a way that it will hopefully survive next summer. Read here how to sow grass.

With a scarifier you can breathe new life into your old lawn. © ThinkStock

Why restore your lawn in the fall?

Autumn is the perfect time to sow new grass or overseed an old lawn. “In the autumn there is less chance that the germinating grass will dry out,” says Verelst. “In addition, the new grass has no competition from emerging weeds in the autumn, which is the case in the spring.”

September used to be the best month to sow grass. Verelst tells us, however, that the seasons have shifted noticeably. “Those who want to sow a new lawn or overseed an old lawn, nowadays it is best to do so in October to prevent dehydration,” he clarifies. “The new grass seeds will also come up in October before the end of the season.” Read here how to maintain your lawn all year round.

Layer of compost

In the fall it is also a good idea to compost the arid lawn. In this way you enrich the garden soil and stimulate soil life. “Earthworms come to the compost and create small channels in the soil that can retain water the following summer,” explains Verelst. “Your lawn will then become reddish less quickly.”

“It suffices to spread a thin layer of compost of about two centimeters over the arid lawn,” Verelst tells us. “Rake the compost with a classic, flexible leaf rake, because a metal rake will destroy the existing lawn.” Use only well-rotted compost. “Undigested compost tends to remove nitrogen from the soil and that has a negative effect on the health of your lawn,” adds Verelst.

How do you make compost and how much should you use? Read here compost tips to keep your garden in top condition.

With a thin layer of compost you stimulate soil life. © Getty Images

Can you fertilize the lawn in the fall?

If you don’t have a compost heap, you can fertilize the lawn in the autumn. But Verelst warns against the disadvantages of fertilizers. “Right now, after that very dry summer, it’s actually not a good idea to use fertilizers,” emphasizes the expert. “The balls of fertilizer are bound by salts, which affect the cell walls of plants. After a very dry season, the concentration of salt in the soil is already much higher, if you then add fertilizer granules, the roots of the blades of grass will be damaged.”

What people without a compost heap can do is use organic and organic fertilizers. This way you stay away from the harmful salts.

Verelst concludes with a final tip: “People who want to create a flower-rich lawn can also sow flower seeds in the autumn. Choose daisies, snakeweed and piglet weed. Those are flowers that thrive in an existing lawn.” So next summer you won’t have a pink grass carpet, but you will have a colorful field of flowers in an ecological garden. Do you want to create a garden full of life? That’s how you get it done.

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