Traveling art project StadsStof stops in Merksem (Antwerp)

Traveling art project StadsStof stops in Merksem (Antwerp)
Traveling art project StadsStof stops in Merksem (Antwerp)

This week, the nomadic art project StadsStof invites every citizen of Merksem to the district house to embroider stories or memories about a specific street, square or other public place on one of the 148 city canvases that map the city. The canvases thus become tangible testimonies of urban dialogues and unexpected encounters.

With 148 different city cloths under her arm, artist Lies Van Assche and a group of master embroiderers from DOEK vzw crisscross the entire city. Where they stop, they organize meeting workshops where residents meet and share stories. These stories are then translated into embroidery stitches on one of the canvases.

The organization also urges people who have no inspiration for a story to come along. Those who have only eaten a little bit of embroidery don’t have to stay at home either. The embroiderers from MoMu and DOEK provide guidance and inspiration.

The art project will arrive in the district hall on Wednesday 9 November, Thursday 10 and Saturday 12 November, always between 10 am and 12.30 pm and 1.30 pm and 4 pm. Anyone from the age of nine can participate. (lava)

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