Motorcyclist crashes on E17 (Lochristi)

Motorcyclist crashes on E17 (Lochristi)
Motorcyclist crashes on E17 (Lochristi)

In the night from Sunday to Monday, a serious traffic accident occurred on the E17 between Antwerp and Ghent. One motorcyclist was killed and one was seriously injured.

The accident occurred around 1 a.m. Monday morning. A motorcyclist, a man from Hareleke who is a member of MC Outlaws Belgium, ran into a truck with a Latvian number plate with his motorcycle. The motorcyclist fell and was subsequently hit by a passenger car with four occupants. In an attempt to avoid the accident, a second passenger car, with five occupants, went off the road and ended up in the canal.

The balance was particularly heavy. The motorcyclist died on the spot. The four occupants of the first passenger car were all in shock, the occupants of the second vehicle were shocked. The driver of the Latvian truck was also unharmed. The accident quickly caused a traffic jam. Shortly afterwards, a second accident occurred in the tail of that traffic jam when a truck driver noticed the row of cars in front of him too late and was unable to brake. This truck driver was also seriously injured.

The highway was closed for a total of almost 4 hours for the investigation by the public prosecutor and the traffic expert.


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