Two international coke mafia leaders arrested in luxury home in Marbella (Antwerp)

Two international coke mafia leaders arrested in luxury home in Marbella (Antwerp)
Two international coke mafia leaders arrested in luxury home in Marbella (Antwerp)

The Spanish police have arrested two key figures of the international drug mafia on the Costa del Sol. The two men organized cocaine transports from Brazil to Antwerp and Rotterdam. They were arrested during searches in a luxury villa in Marbella. Seven suspects were also arrested in house searches in our country and in the Netherlands.

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The Austral-Coles operation came about after a total of 3.8 tons of cocaine was discovered in the ports of Antwerp and Rotterdam in the course of 2020 and 2021. The drugs were hidden in four containers containing, among other things, coffee beans and soy flour.

The Belgian federal police and the Dutch police were able to link the organizers of the shipments to places of residence along the Costa del Sol, which also led to the Spanish police being called in to locate the top men. The Guardia Civil discovered that the two key figures were staying in a luxurious villa in the coastal city of Marbella. (Read more below the tweet)

After the entire gang had been mapped, the police took action this weekend. The Spanish police raided and arrested the two drug lords, a Belgian and a Dutchman. A series of house searches also followed in Belgium and the Netherlands, during which seven more suspects were arrested. The police also seized luxury cars and mobile terminals with important information.

Costa del Coke

The Costa del Sol and certainly Marbella is a popular place for drug traffickers. In October last year, Belgian cocaine baron and chairman of the motorcycle gang Bandidos Geert Frisson (49) was arrested in the fashionable seaside resort. Antwerp resident Yannick W., nicknamed ‘Flash’ and leader in the ‘Vuitton gang’, was also arrested there. The man lived there in great luxury.

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