Neighborhood party in the ‘rafelrand’ brings schlagers, pole dancing, tango and new beers to the residents (Antwerp)

© Patrick De Roo


In collaboration with the Borgerhout district, local organizations in the so-called ‘rafelrand’, the neighborhood on the Engelslei and the Zegelstraat in Borgerhout, organized a neighborhood party on Sunday. There was plenty to do for young and old.

The district is located right on the Noordersingel and the word ‘rafelrand’ stands for according to Dikke van Dale an urban fringe seen as a location where a relatively large number of illegal and non-social activities take place.”

Bring a pair of shorts

But there was none of that on Sunday. Fun and creativity reigned supreme. For example, there was plenty to do in ‘t Werkhuys in Zegelstraat. Various trial lessons were organised, ranging from pole dancing (“bring shorts”) to Lindy hop to a crash course in Italian.

Workshop lindy hop in ‘ t Werkhuys — © Patrick De Roo

In the participating streets, residents could also put their surplus household items on the street during a flea market, while a circus artist nearby gave the best of himself. You could also reveal yourself as an actor, say.

In and around the garden of the De Fontein service center, people were treated to records by DJ Banane and a performance by schlager singer Mathiz. While the local petanque club gave the best of themselves, there was plenty of dancing.

Dancing to the pictures of DJ Banane

Dancing to the pictures of DJ Banane — © Patrick De Roo

In the Centers on the Engelslei – where small, creative independents found a place under the railway bed – people could participate in a pottery workshop, play with a giant spinning top or learn to dance the tango. Microbrewery Cabardouche presented a few new beers. (mibl)

Petanque in service center De Fontein

Petanque in service center De Fontein — © Patrick De Roo

© Patrick De Roo

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