East Flemish juniors shine in Memorial Igor Decraene (Stekene)

East Flemish juniors shine in Memorial Igor Decraene (Stekene)
East Flemish juniors shine in Memorial Igor Decraene (Stekene)

Lars Vanden Heede is the fastest junior, ahead of Milan Van Den Haute and Yarno Van Herck. — © VDB

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The East Flemish juniors won the Memorial Igor Decraene in Waregem. Lars Vanden Heede surprised with a win for Milan Van Den Haute and top favorite Yarno Van Herck. Belgian champion Febe Jooris won in the women’s competition.

Freddy De Geest

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As generally expected, there was no match for specialist Alec Segaert (Lotto Soudal U23) among the promises, who beat Thibaut Bernard and Victor Vercouillie. Michiel Coppens saved the East Flemish honor with an eighth place. Jelle Declerck and Ben Squire, who performed strongly in Poperinge and Borlo, were not eligible for a top ranking this time.

For the juniors, the East Flemish riders and riders wrote a different story. Febe Jooris won, but this time only fourteen seconds ahead of super talent Xaydee Van Sinaey, who is getting better and better in the time trial. Cléo Kiekens, who conceded 44 seconds, provided a complete East Flemish podium. Top favorite Yarno Van Herck was no match for Lars Vanden Heede (Crabbé Toitures-CC Chévigny) and Milan Van Den Haute (Avia-Rudyo) this time. The difference between Lars, who never drove better than last month, and Milan was only seven seconds. Yarno conceded thirteen seconds. Maurits Van Peteghem (Onder ons Parike), winner the day before, finished sixth.

It will come as no surprise that Laura Vierstraete (U17) and Julie Sap (elite) were successful again. Earlier they were also in Poperinge and Borlo. Eefje Brandt finished second in the elite class ahead of Saartje Vandenbroucke.

De Bock floors Keppens

In the absence of Jasper Schoofs, the newcomers were looking forward to a duel between Aless De Bock and Cedric Keppens and that happened. De Bock (Isorex Cycling Team) beat Keppens (Avia-Rudyco Cycling Team) by four seconds. Details made the difference in the chrono ride over 10.6 kilometers. Xander Scheldeman, teammate of De Bock, finished third and completed the team success. Matthijs De Clercq (KVC ‘t Meetjesland Knesselare) confirmed some talent for time trial with a sixth place.

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