Lidl can gradually dream of a supermarket in Lier after many years of waiting (Lier)

Lidl can gradually dream of a supermarket in Lier after many years of waiting (Lier)
Lidl can gradually dream of a supermarket in Lier after many years of waiting (Lier)

The well-known South West tavern is making way for Lidl. — © Chris Van Rompaey


The Council of Aldermen of Lier has no objection to the construction of a Lidl supermarket on the corner of Antwerpsesteenweg and Plaslaar. That is the site where, among other things, the burned down tavern South West is located.

Chris Van Rompaey

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Lidl Belgium submitted an application for an environmental permit to the provincial government for the construction of a supermarket in Lier. It concerns the demolition of six buildings with the associated surfacing. The application also provides for the construction of a commercial space consisting of two floors. The building has a width of almost 46 meters and a maximum construction depth of 57 meters.

On the left side of the building there will be a covered car park consisting of one storey with a green roof. At the back, adjacent to the volume of the store, there is a loading and unloading quay with a depth of seven metres.


The entrance to the shop is located on the ground floor, as well as the utility rooms, two caddy parks for shopping carts, two bicycle sheds, a charging station for e-bikes and a car park. The visitors can reach the store via the escalator or the elevator. The car park consists of 101 covered parking spaces, nine of which are for disabled visitors and two for families with children.

The council of aldermen gives a favorable advice, but does set some conditions. For example, Lidl must take circulation measures in Plaslaar, so that customers of the supermarket can only drive in and out along the Antwerpsesteenweg. Lidl also has to build footpaths in Plaslaar, at least near the supermarket site.

It is now up to the deputation of the province of Antwerp whether or not to issue the environmental permit. But thanks to the positive advice from the city of Lier, it seems that Lidl can finally start working on a supermarket in Lier. The company has been dreaming of this for years. Lidl has wanted a store on Antwerpsesteenweg in Lier since 2013. To that end, it even bought two villas (house numbers 399-401). The council of aldermen then refused the building permit, as did the province. Lidl is still pending against this.

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