Brothers Vin and Cis bring top artists from the tattoo world to Antwerp (Antwerp)

Vin and Cis Vercouteren in the stylish tattoo studio. — © Jeroen Hanselaer


Studio Noble has opened its doors at the Connection dock-Westkaai in Antwerp, in the shadow of the MAS. The studio aims to be the showcase for the contemporary tattoo parlor where the brothers Vin (24) and Cis (26) Vercouteren regularly bring renowned tattoo artists from all over the world to the city as guest tattooists.

Studio Noble at the Connection dock-Westkaai. — © Jeroen Hanselaer

“I actually wanted to become a professional football player,” laughs tattoo artist Vin Vercouteren. “But I literally and figuratively came up short. I always thought the tattoos of professional football players were cool and as a little boy it was football and drawing. So it just became the tattoos.”

He followed an introductory course at The Tattoo School and while he was trying to find his way in the world, partly through self-study, he performed numerous jobs to get a living. “I even walked behind the garbage truck,” Vin says.

With brother Cis, active in the IT world, the plan to set up a business together had been brewing for some time. That eventually brought the boys from the Waasland to Antwerp. “We both studied here and Antwerp seems like the right city for our ambition. We will be able to make it easier for top tattoo artists to come to Antwerp than we would ask them to come to Waasmunster,” the brothers laugh.

It is the brothers’ ambition to regularly bring top artists from all over the world here. “Casting of tattoo artists is popular these days and we want to show that with Studio Noble. Like singers and musicians, it’s a trend for tattoo artists to go ‘on tour’, but that involves a lot of things including promoting and taking care of their social media. The intention is that we offer them a total package and relieve them of these burdens so that they only have to focus on their work. We give them a platform to show their work here.”


Talks with tattoo artists from the Netherlands, Spain and the United States are underway. Specializing in fineline and microrealism tattoos, Vin thinks of artists such as Kenji Diederen, Oscar Akermo or Janky Jake.

The tattoo studio is bathed in light.

The tattoo studio is bathed in light. — © Jeroen Hanselaer

That refinement is also reflected in the tattoo studio. Studio Noble exudes elegance and luxury, like stepping into a beauty salon. “We want to emphasize that tattoos have evolved more and more into pure art and that a tattoo parlor does not have to bathe in a dark, obscure atmosphere,” says Cis, who is responsible for the business side. “Microrealism tattoos are true miniature works of art. Hence our underlying slogan ‘Art on skin’. It’s all more refined and elegant.”

Announcements about guest artists can be followed on Instagram.

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