Bungalow burns down completely on Sonnevijver in Rekem (Lanaken)

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The fire brigade had to extinguish a blazing fire at the Sonnevijver bungalow park on Heidestraat in Rekem on Saturday morning. The cottage and its contents went up in flames. The police are investigating the cause.

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Yesterday at 5:29 PM

The call came in around 4.30 am and upon arrival the bungalow in question was ablaze. The fire was extinguished, but the holiday home and its contents were completely engulfed in flames. The resident of the house was not present at the time of the fire. The fire brigade was able to quickly bring the blaze under control.

The bungalow park Sunclass Sonnevijver is located on the Heidestraat in the nature reserve with forests, fens and fish ponds in Rekem. “A neighbor suddenly saw high flames and immediately raised the alarm,” said the shocked neighbors. “We live right behind the house that was on fire. Fortunately, a neighbor came to warn us, because our camper was parked right next to the burning chalet.”

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The fire teams of the East Limburg zone were quickly on site and were able to prevent the fire from spreading. “Fortunately there was no wind. The flames rose straight up. In no time everything was on fire. The window frames shattered and I saw the smoldering toys, like the children’s trampoline. This is very bad,” says a sighing resident who lives a little further in the park.

The 90’s

Police were busy all morning to further investigate the circumstances of the fire. All slopes were open. “There are 354 here on one side and another 70 holiday homes a little further on. In the part of the park where the fire raged, there are houses that were built in the mid-1990s,” says an employee of the park.

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