Hurry-Up takes full loot from Belgium in seasonal overture

Hurry-Up takes full loot from Belgium in seasonal overture
Hurry-Up takes full loot from Belgium in seasonal overture

HANDBALL – Hurry-Up won the first game of the season in an exciting game. On a visit to the Belgian Visé, the Zwartemeerder made the difference in the second half. They won the match 25-23.

For the first game of the season, again in the BENE-League, Hurry-Up had to make a round trip of almost 650 kilometers. In the Belgian town of Visé, called Visé by the Walloons, it took a while before the Zwartemeerders were up and running. After just under six minutes, Hurry-Up’s first goal of the season was in the net.

In the first quarter of the game, the two teams were very close to each other. The Drents were just a little more efficient with the opportunities, so that they led 5-4 halfway through the first half.

From that point, Hurry-Up took the initiative. The Belgians started to defend harder, as a result of which trainer Joop Fiege’s team played with a surplus several times. Still, the Zwartemeerders became more sloppy towards the break and went into the dressing room with a narrow lead, 11-10.

There was little change in the game after the break. Both teams were unable to make a hole and it was a matter of changing for the lead. The level wasn’t always something to write home about, but that didn’t make the game any less exciting.

With more than ten minutes left on the clock, the Drents took an advance on the victory by running out to 20-17. In the final minutes Visé insisted strongly and they managed to narrow the gap to 23-24. However, the hosts came no closer. Joop Fiege and his team finally got on the bus for the long ride back with a 23-25 ​​victory.

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