Luxembourg has the youngest car fleet in the entire European Union

Luxembourg has the youngest car fleet in the entire European Union. Vehicles with a maximum age of two years represent 22 percent of the total Luxembourg passenger car stock. This is the conclusion of a study by Eurostat, the European statistical office.

In second place is France with a score of 17 percent, followed by Austria, Ireland, Belgium and Sweden with a share of more than 16 percent. The oldest fleet could be found in Poland, where 40 percent of the total fleet of passenger cars was at least twenty years old. This is followed by Estonia (33 percent) and Finland (28 percent).


It was also found that Luxembourg, together with Ireland, also topped the category ‘vehicles between two and five years old’. In both countries, this age group represents 28 percent of the total car fleet. Belgium follows in third place with a share of 24 percent.

When looking at the fleet of cars with an age of at least ten years, Lithuania is in first place with a share of 81 percent, followed by Romania (80 percent) and Poland (78 percent).

“This is in stark contrast to the situation that can be observed in countries such as Luxembourg (24 percent), Ireland (29 percent) and Belgium (32 percent),” says Eurostat. “In these markets, older cars represent less than a third of the total fleet.”


In recent years, programs have been developed in several countries to support the purchase of new low-emission cars while at the same time taking older polluting cars out of circulation,” emphasizes Eurostat, commenting on the figures.

“The overall aim of these programs was to renew the passenger car fleet by introducing lower-emission vehicles while at the same time boosting the economy,” notes Eurostat.

“That was the case, for example, in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. The Luxembourg government offered a premium of up to 8,000 euros for the purchase of an electric car. That measure will remain in force for at least another year and a half.”

Eurostat does point out that the renewal of the European fleet was held back by a number of restrictions attributable to the outbreak of the corona crisis. In addition, there is also the impact of the disruptions in the supply chains of the car sellers.


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