Beach water polo takes a cautious start at the MAS (Brasschaat)

Beach water polo takes a cautious start at the MAS (Brasschaat)
Beach water polo takes a cautious start at the MAS (Brasschaat)

The first edition of the Belgian Beach Water Polo Championship took place in the Bonaparte dock at the MAS. Only four teams registered for this occasional tournament, but it is the first step towards a bigger event at that location.

Antwerp alderman for spatial planning Annick De Ridder (N-VA) wants to turn the Bonapartedok into a recreational zone where sport and relaxation can go hand in hand.

Organizer Fabrice Weiss hopes that this initiative can develop into a kind of regularity criterion in the summer months, spread over various cities. “The conditions here are ideal. The water temperature is 23 degrees Celsius and the pollution is almost nil. Now that it becomes increasingly difficult in the summer months to have sufficient swimming pool hours, it is certainly advisable for the clubs to lay a playing field in the open air. We would have liked to have laid three playing fields here, but that was not allowed. The city of Antwerp was rather difficult. But because this is also a kind of test case for them, we were allowed to create one playing field. The water here is six meters deep. I had hoped for more teams, but hey, it’s just a start. Due to the many passers-by here, we were able to promote water polo well,” said Weiss.

This bicycle came up during the construction of the playing field. — © Jan Brys

The Antwerp water polo club helped organize the event. “This tournament is separate from our annual Metropool tournament in De Molen on the Left Bank. But we do see opportunities here. This has been established for some time in the Southern European countries. Training in the open air is a good thing for many clubs. Hopefully this initiative will get a lot of imitation”, says Danny Motton of the Antwerp water polo club.

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