Belgian key figures in cocaine trafficking arrested in Spain

In Spain, two Belgians have been arrested who play an important role in a criminal organization of cocaine trafficking. Also in their own country and in the Netherlands, another seven people have been arrested after house searches.

According to the Spanish police, the Guardia Civil, the two Belgians are key figures within a criminal organization that traded cocaine on a large scale via freight containers by sea. For example, 3,850 kilos of cocaine have already been seized in ports in Belgium and the Netherlands. The drugs were hidden in four containers that the gang tried to transfer by sea.

The organization would consist of Belgians and Dutchmen who transported the cocaine from Brazil to other ports and then to get it to Belgium and the Netherlands. The operation is a collaboration between the Spanish, Belgian and Dutch police and started in 2020.

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Costa del Sol

The link with Spain became clear from the start of the investigation. After all, the key figures could be linked to places of residence on the Costa del Sol. For that reason, the Guardia Civil was also called in. The Belgians were then detained in their exclusive homes in Marbella. At the same time, house searches took place in their own country and in the Netherlands, and seven other people involved could be arrested.

The police operation also made it possible to seize more than 2.8 tons of cocaine, 3 important vehicles and numerous mobile terminals with important information.

The Spanish police also shared some images of the search in Marbella on their own YouTube channel.

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