Even before she started training, she was matched to school: 54-year-old nurse becomes a teacher (Merksem)

Even before she started training, she was matched to school: 54-year-old nurse becomes a teacher (Merksem)
Even before she started training, she was matched to school: 54-year-old nurse becomes a teacher (Merksem)

Patricia Mees and Jan Schoenmakers — © rr, Joris Herregods

Patricia Mees (54) from Stabroek had been thinking about becoming a teacher for some time. She is a midwife by training but worked for years as a nurse. Thanks to the new initiative of AP Hogeschool, she was matched to a school before she started her education. “It was now or never.” The past few days Patricia gave PAV and technique, far from her bed, but with a lot of enthusiasm. “I am in the Atheneum MXM (in Merksem, red.) fell with my hole in the butter.”

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The service provided by AP Hogeschool in Antwerp, Turnhout and Mechelen is aimed at people from other sectors who want to go into education, but also want to get into practice right away, with an income.

“In the summer I went to the AP Hogeschool to ‘have a look’ to inform me about teacher training”, says Patricia. “When it was explained that I could already go into education at the same time, and that a job was being sought for me, I was immediately sold. I didn’t know that was possible. And now I am suddenly in a school for at least the entire school year, and I am even a class teacher of my own class.”

With her bachelor’s degree, Patricia is now allowed to teach PAV (Project General Subjects) and technology in the B stream. “We do technical projects with wood, metal, a 3D printer, and we also learn to glue a bicycle tire, for example. I immediately told the students on September 1 that teaching was new to me, but they didn’t think it was weird or anything. They were very curious about my previous professional life, and we just started working together. The teachers at the school are incredibly helpful, I have good course material and I am definitely not alone. So far it’s fantastic. It probably helps that as a nurse I am used to sometimes going beyond my own knowledge, always looking for solutions and going for it.”

Patricia is not afraid of studying again either. “I also did the midwifery study at a slightly later age, and my daughter is now 17, so I have more time for myself. We can always contact Jan (Shoemakers from AP, red.) personally rightly, that also helps a lot.”

She hasn’t even thought about her new salary yet, says Patricia. “I have come to a point in my life where that is less important, also because my husband has always had a good job. The most important thing is that I can do something that I enjoy doing.”

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