Sept 3. Just in: master plan for the annexation of Belgium to France

Every year In Australia Day of the Flag. The Australian flag was raised for the first time on September 3, 1901.

After Australia became a federation in 1901, a design competition was launched for a new national flag. The majority of the entrants had a flag with the union flag (the flag of the United Kingdom) and the Southern Cross (a constellation visible only in the southern hemisphere).

2012 Death of the Korean ‘evangelist’ Sun Myoeng Moon (92). Jesus is said to have appeared to him in 1935-1936 with the instruction to continue his work. The religious-political moon movement (moonies) is headquartered in the United States, organized mass weddings, and also owns a large business empire.

Reverend Moon himself was convicted of tax evasion in the United States in 1982 and spent 11 months in prison from 1984-1985. In 1992, he officially declared himself “the new Messiah.”

2004 The on September 1 started kidnapping school children and teachers of School No. 1 in Beslan (Russia) by 32 heavily armed Chechen terrorists, ends after a bloody attack by Russian soldiers. Of the approx 1,500 hostages find at least 334 dead, including 186 young children.

The Russian government kept the correct numbers secret: according to some estimates the death toll was three times higher. Responsibility for the terror attack is claimed by Chechen Shamil Basayev.

Geert Wilders (°1963)

2004 Member of parliament Geert Wilders leaves the VVD faction after nightly consultations and continues as a one-man faction, under the name ‘Groep Wilders’. He announces that he will form a ‘new right-wing movement’.

The break with the liberal People’s Party for Freedom and Democracy (VVD) is the result of Wilders’ differing views. For example, he is against Turkey’s accession to the European Union – which the VVD is also against today. In 2006 the Party for Freedom (PVV) emerged from the Wilders Group.

Alois Gerlo (1915-1998)

1998 Death in Grembergen van Alois Gerlo (83), born in Middelburg (Zeeland). Former resistance fighter and communist, first rector of the Flemish University of Brussels (VUB).

Gerlo had convinced the Flemish professors and staff that two completely autonomous universities – instead of one dual university – was the best solution.

On 2 July 1969, he was elected first rector of a completely independent VUB. He was re-elected in 1970 and again in 1972 and remained rector until September 30, 1974. He was also chairman of the Vermeylen Fund and of the Consultation Center of Flemish Associations. This great Erasmus expert was a famous opponent of the VSO.

1967 Sweden switches from left-hand drive to in one fell swoop drive on the right. The ‘H-day’ (H stands for higherwhich means right) becomes a virtually flawless operation with no serious accidents.

Inspector Maigret

1966 In Delfzijl, the Walloon novelist Georges Simenon (1903-1989) unveils the statue of his Inspector Maigret, a work by the Hilversum sculptor Pieter d’Hondt. Simenon created Jules Maigret in 1929 during a stay in Delfzijl (Groningen) for ‘Pietr-le-Letton’ (Maigret and the Unknown Avenger), the first Maigret novel published under his own name.

In 1930 Simenon . wrote Un crime en Hollande (Maigret in Holland) that also plays partly in Delfzijl. Maigret interpreters from four countries will be present at the unveiling of the statue, including the Dutchman Jan Teulings (1905-1989).

Emmy Verhey (°1949)

1962 the violinist Emmy Verhey performs in front of an audience for the first time as a 13-year-old. In Scheveningen she plays Tchaikovsky in front of 2500 spectators. Her international career started in 1966 in Moscow as a finalist of the ‘Tchaikovsky Competition’.

1943 Grand invasion of Italy by allied troops.

1939 France and Great Britain declare war to Germany.

1900 Britain annexes Natal (South Africa).

1895 Birth in Ronse of Léon Delfosse, better known by his pen name Leo Delfos. He begins to study philology in 1913 at the University of Ghent, where he receives history from Henri Pirenne and Paul Fredericq. His participation in the Hugo Verriesthulde shows his interest in the Flemish Movement, although he comes from a French-speaking family.

The following year the First World War breaks out and Delfos enlists as a volunteer with the 10th Line Regiment on the Yser Front. As early as October 1914, he was captured by the Germans and sent to the Göttingen POW camp. There he studies law, gives cultural and political speaking engagements and contributes to Our language, the weekly magazine for Flemish prisoners of war in Göttingen. He shows activist sympathies.

After the war, the court martial sentenced him to twenty years hard labor for political collaboration in 1922. He does not register a profession and continues to study in Göttingen. In 1923 he obtained his doctorate with Karl Brandi, with a dissertation on the youth of Emperor Charles V. From 1923 to 1930, Delfos taught German and French at the gymnasium of Turda (Romania). In 1930 he succeeded his father-in-law Raf Verhulst in Göttingen as a lecturer in Dutch at the Georg-August University, until his retirement in 1965.

In Turda and Göttingen Delfos wrote articles for all kinds of Flemish and Northern Dutch magazines, ranging from Flanders (1929-1930) to Scientific Tidings (1950-1965). In it, Delfos always emphasizes the organic unity of the Netherlands and exposed Belgian ‘falsifications of history’. In German magazines he writes informatively about the Flemish Movement. He died in Göttingen in 1967, the day before Christmas, at the age of 72.

1830 The Walloon lawyer Alexandre Gendebien Crown Prince Willem proposes the separation between the Northern and Southern Netherlands (later ‘Belgium’), under the same dynasty. Gendebien, who would shortly become Belgium’s first Minister of Justice, had a careful plan: first the ‘administrative separation’ of North and South, then Belgian independence, followed immediately by Belgium’s joining France. But it didn’t quite work out that way. On the Square Frère-Orban his statue can be found in Brussels.

His great-great-grandson, Paul-Henry Gendebien, is zealous with his party today Rassemblement Wallonie-France still in this sense, with this nuance that he only strives for the attachment of Wallonia and Brussels to France. We’re moving forward.

1783 The Peace of Paris is drawn: the end of the American Revolutionary War between Great Britain and the thirteen colonies that began in 1776. The last British troops leave on November 25, 1783. The treaty was signed on behalf of America by John Jay, John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, Henry Laurens and William Temple Franklin. A well-known painting by Benjamin West shows the American signatories, but not the British delegation. He refused to pose.

1752 Great Britain switches to the Gregorian calendar.

1572 The city Leuven is liberated by the troops of William of Orange.

1314 Treaty of Marquette thus avoiding a second edition of the Battle of the Golden Spurs. As a result, the Flemish have to tolerate that the Kortrijk castellany will temporarily come under French rule.

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