E313 in the direction of Hasselt again free after accident: drivers in visual file are fined (Ranst)

Due to an accident involving two trucks, the E313 towards Hasselt was completely blocked for about two hours near Massenhoven (Ranst) on Friday afternoon. The fire brigade had their hands full to clear the load of the truck, consisting of bags of cement and Rhine sand. The lane has now reopened, but there are still long traffic jams.

Jarit Taelman

Today at 16:36

The accident happened just after 1 p.m. A truck collided with a car transporter near Massenhoven (Ranst). The truck crashed into the guardrail in the median strip and the driver suffered minor injuries.

As a result of the accident, part of the load, bags of cement and Rhine sand, also ended up on the road surface. The fire brigade came to the scene to clear the roadway. After just over two hours, the accident was resolved and the lane was reopened.

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As a result of the accident, there was a total of more than a kilometer of traffic jam. Towards Hasselt it was time to queue from the Antwerp Ring. Traffic had to leave the highway in Massenhoven and drive via a local detour towards the Herentals-West ramp. This naturally also caused a lot of traffic problems locally.

Towards Antwerp there was also a long traffic jam. The federal road police recorded at least 25 license plates of motorists who took photos or videos of the situation at the height of the accident. Those persons can expect a fine of 174 euros or a summons to the police court.




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