Top of the ‘new brands’ in Belgium

Like every month, Febiac has published the statistics on new car registrations in Belgium for the month of August. In addition, for the first time since May 2021, we see an increase in monthly registrations (+7% compared to the results of August 2021). Volkswagen overtook BMW in August with a few additional models (2,979 registrations against 2,922), but without jeopardizing BMW’s solid first leadership position in our market since the beginning of the year: 25,448 registrations against 21,794 for Volkswagen (2nd). and 20,429 for Peugeot (3rd).

‘New brands’

But this time it’s not just about the ranking of the established brands in our country, but also about the registrations of the ‘new brands’ since the beginning of this year.

Although Tesla is not really an unknown brand anymore these days, it is the first ‘new’ manufacturer to appear in the top list published by Febiac. With 2,304 registrations since the beginning of the year, the exclusively electrified 100% electric American brand is in 22nd place in our market, almost on par with Porsche (21st, with 2,542 cars) and ahead of Land Rover (23rd, 2,225 units).

Tesla bigger than Polestar

In Belgium, Tesla clearly dominates Polestar with twice as many newly registered models. Volvo’s electrified sister brand is 28th in the ranking, with 1,011 cars. Polestar is barely ahead of its Chinese cousin Lynk&Co, which is much less known to the general public, and is already in 29th place with 854 cars.


The Chinese brand that we were recently able to discover precedes Cupra in our market, the new sporty-chic brand that was founded by the Volkswagen group (31st, 748 units). But also for MG, whose offensive already includes more models. MG is currently 33rd on the Belgian market, with 605 units. That’s more than brands like Alfa Romeo (34th, 516 registrations) or Lexus (35th, 512 units).

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Slightly more DFSK than… Ferrari!

We descend a little further in the ranking to find another new Chinese brand: DFSK (37th). The brand, introduced by OneAutomotive, has sold 122 cars in Belgium since the beginning of the year, slightly more than… Ferrari (38th, 116 units) and almost as many as Subaru (36th, 157 cars). BAIC, the other Chinese brand introduced by OneAutomotive, is in 46th place with 36 registrations. It thus remains ahead of the Chinese Aiways (47th, 32 units), which is distributed in Belgium by Cardoen.


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At the very bottom of the rankings, Bestune, also recently launched in Belgium by OneAutomotive, with 3 registrations in 2022, is on par with JAC, which offers an electric SUV for less than €30,000. This makes them less successful than Rolls-Royce (15 entries), McLaren (7 units) and even Caterham (5 cars) and Cadillac (4 units). But more than Bugatti (1 single entry in 2022)!


See you in a few months or years to see the progress of these ‘new brands’ in Belgium.

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