BMW Belgium: Half of delivered cars have electric motors (2022)

BMW Belgium: Half of delivered cars have electric motors (2022)
BMW Belgium: Half of delivered cars have electric motors (2022)

BMW seems to be on its way to become the market leader in Belgium for the second year in a row. This makes the German brand the ideal place to see how the commercial vehicle market (let’s be honest) evolves. BMW achieved a new milestone last August, because for the first time in the history of the brand, half of the cars delivered were equipped with an electric motor on board.

Plug-in 2x more popular

Although BMW could seriously boost that percentage by counting mild hybrids, it does not faint. To pass for BMW as an electrified car you have to be either fully electric or a plug-in hybrid. The figures speak for themselves; last August, 32.4% of new BMWs registered were plug-in and 16.9% were fully electric. Together they therefore account for 49.3% of registrations. Okay, that’s not 50%, but you know, we give BMW that 0.7% to make its point.

What does this mean in bare figures? Last month, 951 new BMW plug-in hybrids were entered and 496 all-electric models. To make a point: Tesla registered just 60 and Polestar 63 cars last month. Which means you can say that the German BMW leaves those EV brands far behind in the EV area. Still something to think about.

Also market leader in 2022?

Whether BMW will also become market leader in 2022? The cards seem to be in good shape. Against number 2 (Volkswagen), BMW still has a comfortable lead (25,448 entries vs. 21,794 entries). In August, however, Volkswagen was able to register only more cars than BMW for the first time in a long time. However, this is a difference of less than 70 cars. Mercedes (place 4) and Audi (place 5) stood by and looked at it…

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