Belgian juniors take the first World Cup medal ever in K4

Belgian juniors take the first World Cup medal ever in K4
Belgian juniors take the first World Cup medal ever in K4

Louis Vangee, Stanislas Bastiaens, Lars Billiet and Raphael Akerele.

National coach Carlos Prendes, technical director Maarten De Wilde and the entire national coaching staff continue their momentum on the international kayak platform with their kayakers. After the World Cup and European Championship medals, which Lize Broekx, Artuur and Hermien Peters paddled together in August, and the surprising stunt victory of Olympic slalom specialist Gabriel De Coster, the Belgian juniors are taking over the torch at their World Cup. In recent days, Louis Van Geel, Stanislas Bastiaens, Lars Billiet and Raphaël Akerele not only made it through to the A-final in their K4 500m, they also conquered the bronze medal in that medal race, immediately the first Belgian World Cup medal in a K4 ever!

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National coach Carlos Prendes already indicated after the senior European Championship that the formation of a broad qualitative national kayak core also continued into the junior ranks. “Against all Belgian traditions, at the World Cup in Szeged, four talented juniors take to the water together in a K4. It wouldn’t surprise me at all that they will cut a good figure there,” the national coach predicted. So the foursome did much more than cut a good figure. She set the tone from their first race with a second place, a direct qualification for the semi-finals and a third best time out of nineteen teams. In the race for a final ticket, the young Belgians already finished second, more than enough to pocket that much coveted final ticket. In the battle for the medals, the Flemish quartet took full advantage of its chance. Lars Billiet (KSK Sobeka Zwevegem), Stanislas Billiet (Geel KV), Louis Vangeel (Geel KV) and Raphael Akerele (KSK Sobeka Zwevegem) came in third after 250m and, despite the fierce insistence of the Spaniards and the Poles, did not give the bronze more out of hand. The gold was for an unapproachable Hungarian team. The German foursome turned out to be slightly faster than our compatriots with 72/100 of one second.

With this achievement, our four juniors proved that, as the national coach indicated earlier, the Belgian kayaking world still has a promising future.

The results:

Junior Boys.

K4 500m:

1. Hungary 1:22.42

2. Germany 1:23.72


4. Spain 1:24.56

5. Poland 1:24.83

6. Slovakia 1:25.04

7. Ukraine 1:26.40

8. Lithuania 1:28.03

9. France 1:30.03

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