Fire at… fire brigade: part of workshop old barracks burned out, several dozen local residents evacuated | Kortrijk

Fire at… fire brigade: part of workshop old barracks burned out, several dozen local residents evacuated | Kortrijk
Fire at… fire brigade: part of workshop old barracks burned out, several dozen local residents evacuated | Kortrijk

KortrijkIn Kortrijk, a fire broke out shortly before midnight on Thursday evening in the old fire station in Rijkswachtstraat. Part of the old workshop was ablaze. Due to the dense development, several dozen residents of Zwevegemsestraat and Sint-Antoniusstraat were asked to leave their houses and flats.

The old barracks have been empty for over twenty years in the densely populated area of ​​Zwevegemsestraat, but are currently being renovated. That is why quite a few materials are stored, such as asphalt rolls and insulation panels. “When we arrived, around midnight, one of the seven naves of the former workshop was ablaze,” says Lieutenant Hans Van Poucke. “The blazing fire suggested the worst, but was quickly brought under control.”

No reception needed

While the fire brigade was busy extinguishing the fire, the police visited, among others, the residents of the small houses in the adjacent Sint-Antoniusstraat. Most of them came out spontaneously. “There was a strange kind of crackling and suddenly some explosions too,” one of them testified. Several dozen people had to leave their homes or flats. Because it was still pleasantly warm, no reception had to be organized. The evacuation was also short-lived. After about half an hour everyone was allowed back inside.

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The fire in the former workshop of the old fire station in Kortrijk raged in full force, but was quickly brought under control. © Hans Verbeke

Densely populated area

“The damage in old barracks was mainly limited to the one beech where the fire started in unknown circumstances,” says Hans Van Poucke, who started his career with the fire service in the building in question about thirty years ago. “As a result, we had prior knowledge of the structure of the building. We were concerned that the barracks is enclosed in a densely populated area. But actually we knew after just under fifteen minutes that the fire would not spread, partly due to the fact that most beech trees have been completely stripped in order to renovate them later.”

Soon Part Factory

No one was in the building when the fire broke out, but work is ongoing during the day. The old barracks will be renovated to accommodate the Deelfabriek in the future. This is a project in which various projects of citizens and the city find each other in sharing, exchanging and repairing all kinds of materials. In this way, the aim is to achieve a more sustainable life at an affordable price. The Deelfabriek is currently located on the Venning in Kortrijk, but the old fire station has four times more space, which means that the Deelfabriek will be able to expand considerably.

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