Childcare license in Schilde suspended after serious complaint

Childcare license in Schilde suspended after serious complaint
Childcare license in Schilde suspended after serious complaint

On Friday, August 26, following a report, a potentially unsafe situation in private childcare in the UK and puk was identified by the local police Voorkempen, the Schilde municipal council reports. For safety reasons, acting mayor Olivier Verhulst decided to close the childcare immediately and for the time being. After a hearing on Monday 29 August, the Growing Up Agency decided to temporarily suspend the operating license.

Nele Wouters confirms that the license of the crèche was urgently suspended. She cannot say anything about the nature of the complaint, but this measure indicates that it is a serious complaint.

The suspension will run until November 30, but a decision could be made sooner. Such a term is indicative and, according to Wouters, shows that the matter is serious and is being investigated on the merits. Growing up also sends the message that parents should look for an alternative for a longer period of time.

“We know that this is a very serious measure and difficult for the parents, because children need care. It is not easy to find an alternative, especially in the current circumstances. But we want to underline that there were very clear concerns about the safety of the children. children.”

“In order to guarantee the safety of the children, it was important to react quickly and adequately,” said acting mayor Olivier Verhulst. “As a local government, we are now doing everything we can to provide the necessary emergency shelter.” The parents of the children involved can contact the local childcare counter in Voorkempen for referral to other childcare facilities.

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