First tree drag championship with Brabant draft horses

First tree drag championship with Brabant draft horses
First tree drag championship with Brabant draft horses

On Saturday 3 September, the non-profit organization ‘De Voermannen van nu’, in collaboration with the province of Flemish Brabant, will hold the first Flemish Brabant tree drag championship. You have to have a ride to Gelrode.​

Draft horse visible in society again

In recent years, the harnessed draft horses were gradually reintroduced in the Brabant forests. “Through the European project ‘Brabant draft horse: pilot projects in the context of innovative and sustainable agriculture and forestry’, together with the draft horse sector, we went in search of new interpretations for the breed in contemporary society. These were found in hop cultivation, among others. , green maintenance and care sector where the draft horse was used within a derivative form of Hippotherapy,” says deputy Ann Schevenels.

The link between the draft horse breed and sustainable forestry turned out to be a great success. “The demonstration days could count on a good public turnout and there was also a lot of interest in the reinvented market from the draft horse sector itself. ​ The organized training moments were therefore fully booked in no time. among the participating draft horse enthusiasts,” says deputy Tom Dehaene.

Tree drag championship for draft horses

These positive experiences were the incentive for the non-profit organization ‘De Voermannen van nu’ to develop a unique concept in which both experienced and new drivers can compete against each other. Together with their harnessed draft horse, they must complete a course as quickly and faultlessly as possible in which not only strength but also technique is very important.

“In this way, a new draft horse event will be added within the province of Flemish Brabant,” says deputy Gunther Coppens. “Our province is known for its many annual fairs, parades and processions in which the Brabant draft horse takes a leading role. In order to preserve that typical draft horse culture, an activity premium was created. The purpose of this subsidy is to support draft horse events. We are also proud to note that, even after the difficult corona years, the draft horse continues to appear in our daily street scene”.​

The tree drag championship for Brabant draft horses will take place on Saturday 3 September from 10 am at Rillaarsebaan 195 in Gelrode. You can also admire the draft horses on Sunday 4 September on the annual agricultural day.​ ​ ​

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