Cyclist died the day before his birthday in an accident at Driepaal (Dilsen-Stokkem)

The cyclist died on the spot. — © rr


Phillip Pergens and Mark Dreesen

Today at 21:21

A 53-year-old cycling tourist from Dilsen-Stokkem was killed in an accident on the Driepaal on Thursday evening. The man would celebrate his 54th birthday on Friday.

The man in his fifties was driving onto the street from the bike path on the old railway bed around 6 p.m. when an all-terrain vehicle passed. A serious collision ensued. The bicycle broke in two and the Maaslander hit the hood and windshield, after which he crashed to the ground. The victim suffered a serious head injury. Emergency services arrived at the scene, but they were unable to do anything for the man. He died at the scene of the collision.

The local police Maasland made the first observations and informed the Limburg public prosecutor’s office. A traffic expert was called in to investigate the exact circumstances of the accident. The road to the Driepaal remained closed to all traffic in both directions for hours. ppn/mmd

The cycle path on the old railway bed. — © mmd

The intersection where the accident happened.

The intersection where the accident happened. — © mmd

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