Autumn concert La Capella Payota in churchOLV Lombeek

La Capella Payota was founded in 2021 by Stefan Willems from Lombeken to perform baroque music in his own region. After a first concert in OLV Lombeek, a successful Marcuspassion in Groot-Bijgaarden followed with 360 audience. After a private concert in Villa Servais in Halle, they now present their autumn concert, again in the beautiful Onze Lieve Vrouwekerk in OLV-Lombeek with its excellent acoustics, on Sunday 25 September at 3 pm.

What can you expect at this concert on a beautiful Sunday afternoon in the autumn?

“You will be offered the 5th Brandenburg Concerto by Johann Sebastian Bach as the first work just like that. This world-famous work went down in history as the work in which the harpsichord very slowly releases itself from its accompanying role into a full-fledged solo orchestral instrument, culminating in a very virtuoso solo passage. The promising young Arne Van Handenhove plays the harpsichord and the Spanish Traverso player Joan Casabona is responsible for this fascinating score. You should absolutely not miss this!” says Stefan Willems.

Then comes Bach’s good friend Telemann’s turn with a concerto for 2
recorders (Pajot’s talent Dietske Devillé and Sarah Bruneel) and strings. This extremely manageable music is perfect for a sunny Sunday afternoon! And as bis, the ladies add a trio sonata (the well-known Ladies Sonata) on top!

Rosenmuller is a relatively unknown composer from the Venice of Vivaldi where, like his famous colleague Vivaldi, he was active in the orphanage for girls, L’Ospedale della Pieta. From his hand, La Capella Payota will play a sonata for strings for you in which the composer does not shy away from rather avant-garde harmonies…

“During our very first concert on 24/10/2021 we already played a horn quartet by Stolzel, a contemporary and fellow countryman of JS Bach. During the preparation of this concert, we found another gem of his hand! Definitely not to be missed…”, Willems continues.

“A concert without vocal work is like the Pajottenland without Geuze, which is why we once again appeal to the excellent chamber choir Framagomi for a performance of Claudio Monteverdi’s Beatus Vir, a 6-part setting of Psalm 112 with, among others, Sus Herbosch on the cornetto! (and that’s not ice cream..)”, laughs the musician.

So much beauty on a Sunday afternoon should not pass you by! And afterwards there is of course the fresh gueuze in Experience Bar Dio next to the church!

Tickets : 15 Euro
Mail: [email protected]

The article is in Dutch

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