Bredabaan gets new luxury apartments with intensive green facade (Brasschaat)

A vision of the future of The Garden. — © RR


DDL Construct will start in August next year with the realization of The Garden, a project in which 13 luxury apartments and two retail spaces will be built on the ground floor.

The new-build apartments will be located on Bredabaan near the old town hall. They come to a place where there is now a vacant piece of land. The two adjacent buildings will disappear.

Here comes The Garden. — © Jan Brys

“The project was named The Garden. We are going to make it a first for Brasschaat. The facade will be green, with plants. You can already see it in Antwerp along the Ring. Those plants obviously require some maintenance. It must become an iconic facade,” says manager Gilles De Laet of DDL Construct.

“The prices for the apartments vary from 250,000 to 652,900 euros. The largest apartments have an area of ​​140 square meters and three bedrooms. The other apartments have one or two bedrooms. There is an entrance on the side of the Bredabaan, but also one at the back, on the Oude Baan. We will occupy one of the ground floors with our office”, continues Gilles.

The works will start in August 2023 and the completion is planned for the summer of 2025. (jbr)

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