Problems with crossing deer and roe deer in Rumst: should hunting offer a solution? | Rumst

Problems with crossing deer and roe deer in Rumst: should hunting offer a solution? | Rumst
Problems with crossing deer and roe deer in Rumst: should hunting offer a solution? | Rumst

RumstThe roe deer and fallow deer that appear in Rumst may provide beautiful images, but they can also lead to dangerous situations. The Wildlife Management Unit (WBE) Antwerp Zuid-Rupelstreek says they have been asked to shoot the animals.

Numerous roe deer and fallow deer have been popping up in Rumst and the boroughs for weeks. It produces beautiful images that are eagerly shared on social media, but because the animals are not shy, dangerous situations regularly arise. Just last week, a youngster died after it was hit in the Hollebeekstraat. However, the municipality had previously placed warning signs there to alert drivers to crossing game.

In ‘Gazet van Antwerpen’, Danny Van Herbergen, chairman of the local Game Management Unit, said that his association has been asked by the Agency for Nature and Forests to put the animals down. Although he immediately added that they are not planning to do so at the moment. “That wouldn’t make us popular,” it sounds.

Non-native fallow deer

At the Agency for Nature and Forests, they were unable to confirm on Wednesday evening whether that question had officially been posed to the Wildlife Management Unit. Acting mayor Geert Antonio (N-VA) is also not yet aware of such a question, but does not rule out the possibility either. “The Agency for Nature and Forests can autonomously decide to have the animals shot by the hunting association. In concrete terms, this would be the fallow deer, which – unlike the roe deer – are not native and therefore in principle do not belong here.”

“But I am not in the least in favor of having animals shot,” Antonio continues. “I get a lot of positive reactions about the presence of the deer and roe deer. Whether they are native or not, they are welcome to me. As a municipality, our priority is mainly on animal welfare and road safety, so that we can avoid accidents like last week’s.”

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