The Netherlands scores again in digital services

The Netherlands scores again in digital services
The Netherlands scores again in digital services

The digital services provided by the Dutch government are in fifth place in Europe. Only Malta, Estonia, Luxembourg and Iceland do better. Last year the Netherlands was ninth and in 2020 we came no further than twelfth place.

This is shown by the Egovernment Benchmark, the annual survey of the European Commission. Belgium is fourteenth in the ranking. It is striking how little Germany bakes. Of the 35 European countries included in this comparison, Germany does not come further than 21st place.

81 percent of government services in the EU are now available online. 92 percent of government websites also work on mobile devices. However, only 58 percent of these sites explain what personal data they use. Two thirds of all services can be used with an electronic identity card. However, three quarters of the services only accept their own country’s e-id, which makes cross-border use more difficult. Almost half of the online services can also be used by citizens of another country.


After Austria and Luxembourg, the Netherlands scores highest in proactively offering services. The user therefore does not have to take the initiative himself. Citizens in the Netherlands are also relatively often involved in the design of new digital services. The Netherlands is also well advanced in pre-filling digital forms, which saves time and prevents errors.

The quality of public services was assessed on the basis of four dimensions: user-centricity (to what extent are information and services available online and also for mobile devices), transparency of services and their handling of personal data, existence of essential factors (eID , electronic documents, digital mail, security) and cross-border services.

The study was conducted by Capgemini, Sogeti, IDC and Politecnico di Milano. Citizens were asked to rate digital government services; before that, they visited and evaluated 14,252 websites.

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