Guy D’haeseleer (Vlaams Belang) at Luk Alloo: “I think the cordon sanitary will collapse”

Guy D’haeseleer (Vlaams Belang) at Luk Alloo: “I think the cordon sanitary will collapse”
Guy D’haeseleer (Vlaams Belang) at Luk Alloo: “I think the cordon sanitary will collapse”

Every day until the elections, television maker Luk Alloo talks to a well-known politician who aspires to a seat in parliament. It’s the turn of Vlaams Belang MP Guy D’haeseleer. “This year I want to get an absolute majority in seats and we can finally govern all by ourselves and break that odious cordon sanitary.”

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1 minute

Guy D’haeseleer is given one minute by Alloo to introduce himself to the (young) readers and to say why he thinks they should vote for Vlaams Belang. “I am convinced that many young people lose sleep over the future. We want less immigration and we want young people to be able to buy affordable housing again.”

300 billion euros

Suppose you were suddenly allowed to spend a bag of money worth 300 billion euros. How are you going to spend that sum for the benefit of the citizen? “There are many strategic matters that need to be finalized, in addition to the social safety net that needs to be better developed so that people who have more difficult times and have fewer opportunities can participate in our society.”

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It’s been said

Do you regret the chocolate mousse photo that made N-VA rule out a coalition with Forza Ninove? “I wouldn’t do it again, but I don’t regret anything. It remains an article that has been taken out of context and was deliberately written to harm me. I’m not in the habit of apologizing for things I’ve done.”

The truth

Did Jan Jambon (N-VA) do well? “No, absolutely not, he gets a 3/10. I think that all ministers have failed in all areas. That cannot be otherwise with such a coalition without a real leader, with all respect for Mr. Jambon.”

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Short questions

Luk Alloo asks Guy D’haeseleer some short questions. For example: who would you like to be one day, Guy? “The CEO of the VRT.”


Why should citizens vote for Vlaams Belang? “People know very well why they vote for Vlaams Belang. They want more safety, Flemish independence, less immigration and more purchasing power. Rest assured, they know very well why they choose us.”

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