Vlaams Belang pushes women to have children before the age of 30: “Whoever repeatedly chooses children strengthens the nation”

Vlaams Belang pushes women to have children before the age of 30: “Whoever repeatedly chooses children strengthens the nation”
Vlaams Belang pushes women to have children before the age of 30: “Whoever repeatedly chooses children strengthens the nation”

“We are in times of a very conservative revival, with more and more voices calling for women to return to the hearth. The Vlaams Belang program states, for example, that a woman receives more child benefit if she has many children at a young age. That’s creepy.” This is what Vooruit leader Freya Van den Bossche said last weekend in the series of election interviews The standard.

Groen, in turn, protested in Brussels on Sunday in the style of The handmaid’s tale – dressed in red robes with a white hood on the head – for the protection of women’s rights. In the dystopian novel/series, women are oppressed by a totalitarian regime. “That is not so far-fetched,” says Groen co-chair Nadia Naji. “Wherever the extreme right comes to power, women’s rights deteriorate. If it depends on them, you are no longer in charge of your own stomach or your own head.”

Vlaams Belang chairman Tom Van Grieken himself previously dismissed the criticism about women at the hearth as “lies”. But what is really in his program?

Double premium under 30

In the run-up to the elections, Vlaams Belang developed a series of brochures to “explore the content”. One of them is specifically about the family. The party says that it is a “free choice” whether or not to have children. At the same time, the brochure emphasizes that “a healthy community welcomes children”. “Choosing to have children is a positive, self-confident act. When this is repeated, it strengthens not only the family, but also the nation.”

In general, the party regrets that Flanders has “slid further from 1.81 to 1.55 children per woman” in ten years and expresses the wish to move towards a “stable demography” of at least 2 children per woman. The party wants to establish a Ministry for the Family that will monitor compliance with a number of “family-friendly measures”, including the program item that Van den Bossche referred to.

In the brochure, Vlaams Belang argues for a doubling of the one-off birth premium (from 1,200 euros to 2,400 euros, ed.) when the mother is younger than 30 years old at the time of the child’s birth. “Encouraging earlier births is a legitimate objective as it responds to biological reality, and therefore the health of the woman and the child,” it said. This attention to health is selective. For such a double premium, the parents must have had EU nationality eight years before the child’s birth and one of the parents must have worked or obtained a diploma for at least three years.

In addition, the party also advocates a doubling of both maternity and paternity leave. She also wants to introduce a “part-time educator’s income” to restore the balance between work and family. One of the parents can then work part-time until the child is five years old, provided that the partner continues to work full-time. This measure is also only available for those who have been an EU national for eight years and have a diploma or three years of work experience. Periods of maternity or paternity leave are counted as employment.

The party leaves it open which partner can stay at home part-time, although the brochure does emphasize that “it is not easy, especially for many women, to combine a demanding job with raising young children.” The measures all cost a lot of money, but in the brochure itself the party does not elaborate on how it wants to finance it all.

“Should be the norm”

Last year, VB figurehead Filip Dewinter said in an interview with the weekly magazine Humo that “Europeans are aging and dying out.” “We live in a geriatric institution, while the African population is growing rapidly. A Fortress Europe will not be enough. An immigration stop must be balanced by a healthy family policy in Europe. We should encourage Europeans to have more children, as Hungary does.” Prime Minister Viktor Orban has been pursuing a family policy there for some time, aimed at making it financially more attractive for women to stay at home and have children.

Also during his tour with his book Population Dewinter, with Van Grieken’s approval, already gave the message everywhere that demography is important and that foreigners “bring many more children into the world”. “We must pursue a healthy family policy, such as in Hungary or Poland,” said a local meeting in Nieuwpoort two years ago. “That means a man and a woman and children as a result. I don’t want to discriminate against anyone, it’s not my problem either, but that should be the norm. We have to teach that to our children.”

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