Dazed woman (33) and dog removed from locked car at padel club parking lot (Veurne)


The woman and her dog are doing well. — © jhm


The emergency services were called shortly before noon on Friday for an emergency in the parking lot of the padel club in Veurne. A 33-year-old dazed woman had to be removed from a locked car together with her dog.

It was a nurse who raised the alarm around 11:10 am on Friday. In the parking lot of the padel club in the Noordstraat in Veurne, he noticed a closed car in the sun. Inside was a young woman who seemed to show no signs of life and did not respond to the shouting. Next to her was a large white dog, which was awake.

The car was completely locked: the doors were closed and the windows were closed. The car was in the sun. Although it was not hot, the temperature inside could still rise. The nurse did not trust the matter and alerted the emergency services.

Spoorkin police, an ambulance and the MUG rushed to the scene. The fire brigade was also called to break open the doors of the car. That ultimately turned out not to be necessary. The police were first on the scene and managed to get to the woman.

It turned out to be a 33-year-old woman who was dazed and sleeping. She received support from the police while the MUG and fire brigade were able to return. Both the woman and her dog are doing well.

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