LOOK. Acid enters Boudewijn Seapark after article about ‘one of the weakest amusement parks in Europe’: “It makes me a bit sad” | Bruges


“You didn’t think I would buy a ticket, did you? They definitely don’t deserve those 30 euros. The whole park is about to collapse, it’s dirty here and they don’t care for anything. And then they have dolphins and shit here. Someone clearly needs to come here and inspect whether everything is okay.” YouTuber Acid shows in a new video how he penetrates the Boudewijn Seapark in Bruges. He does this after an article in this newspaper about the state of the amusement park.

LOOK. Acid goes out in Boudewijn Seapark and thinks his own way about it

In his latest video, Acid starts by reading an article in this newspaper in which a YouTuber calls the amusement park in Bruges one of the worst in Europe. Time to check that out for himself, Acid thought, so he went to Bruges to take a look for himself. But buy a ticket? No, he didn’t want that. So he tried to get in without paying. He wears the same outfit as when he entered the Tomorrowland domain last summer without a ticket.

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Nathan Vandergunst succeeds in his aim and can soon walk through the amusement park without paying for it. “We’re just inside. That was easy,” he says. His first impression? “It makes me a bit sad,” says Acid. “It says everywhere that you are not allowed to feed the animals at Bobo’s Minifarm. But there are just no animals.”

“I feel like we’re in some kind of abandoned amusement park where time has stood still for a long time,” he continues. “But it is not abandoned. There are just visitors here. This was once a very beautiful park. I’ve been here quite a bit in the past. Now it looks like you have an it urban exploration are. But it’s still an amusement park and functional. Only it is super dirty and not taken care of. They haven’t put any more work into it.”

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Acid enters Boudewijn Seapark without paying. © RV

Acid then takes his followers through the park and comments on, among other things, the restaurant and the general condition of the park. “It’s even a bit scary to walk around here. It has everything a normal amusement park should have, but nothing works. And what is not turned off only works half way.”

At some point Acid was exposed. Employees recognized him and were asked if he had a card with him. Vandergunst tried to give an explanation, but when it turned out that he could not show a ticket, he was pointed to the exit. “In a friendly way,” Acid adds. “I should have just bought a ticket so I could show things.”

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Youtuber Acid reacts in surprise. “Check this out! This used to be a really nice park.” © RV

Although he does end on a stern note. “It looks terrible. There may not have been many people there and the weather wasn’t very good. First fix that the amusement park looks like an amusement park instead of a container park. The park is in terrible condition.”

The Boudewijn Seapark does not wish to respond for the time being. It is also not clear whether it will file a complaint.

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