Square of police headquarters is named ‘Politieplein’: “Antwerp is proud of its force” (Berchem)

Square of police headquarters is named ‘Politieplein’: “Antwerp is proud of its force” (Berchem)
Square of police headquarters is named ‘Politieplein’: “Antwerp is proud of its force” (Berchem)

The square on which the Antwerp Police master building is located will be given a new name: Politieplein. The council approved the new name after positive advice from the Berchem district council.

At the corner where the Borsbeeksebrug runs over the Antwerp Ring, a road starts that runs parallel to the highway past the office buildings. For the sake of ease of finding for emergency services, this road is now also called the Borsbeeksebrug.

The police master building is located next to this road. The square on which this building is located will now be given a name that represents the operation of the police, namely Police Square. The master building houses more than 2,000 police employees and centralizes all policy implementation and support services of the Antwerp Police Zone. The name Politieplein fits logically with that location.

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© City of Antwerp

“The head office of our local police moved from the medieval city center to the heart of our modern metropolis at the end of last year,” responds Mayor Bart De Wever (N-VA). “Its location couldn’t be more central: close to the station and tram lines, next to the Singel, and close to several major access roads. As a result, our police officers have found a sustainable home, easily accessible to Antwerp residents.”

“To anchor the building well in the environment and increase the recognisability of the location for all Antwerp residents, we have decided to officially rename the site ‘Politieplein’. I hope that as few Antwerp residents as possible will ever have to be there, but I am proud that we are strengthening the image of our local police. Antwerp is proud of its corps.”

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