Els Ampe’s report (For You)

Els Ampe’s report (For You)
Els Ampe’s report (For You)

How should you know her?

Social media politician who became known throughout the country with viral videos about what she considered to be too strict pandemic measures. Polarizing politician. Ampe consistently stands up for the freedom of the citizen and less interference from the state and seems to strike a chord with part of the population.

But Ampe did not prove to be a team player and found himself on a collision course with the Brussels Open VLD. She left the party and gathered citizens’ movements around her that submitted lists throughout Flanders and Brussels under the name ‘Voor U’.

The difficulties with her party also reflected on her parliamentary work. Ampe stood alone from the start of the legislature and had little impact. She prefers to conduct debates outside parliament. She was chairman of the Brussels committee in the Flemish Parliament until she left the Open VLD.

Will we see her again?

Ampe is the party leader for the Chamber in Flemish Brabant, where she has to compete against top candidates such as Frank Vandenbroucke, Theo Francken and Sammy Madhi. A seat is therefore highly sought after.

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