The report by Cieltje Van Achter (N-VA)

The report by Cieltje Van Achter (N-VA)
The report by Cieltje Van Achter (N-VA)

How should you know her?

Group leader for the N-VA and one of the most important opposition voices in the Brussels parliament. She regularly points out the dysfunctions of the Brussels Region. Budget Minister Sven Gatz (Open VLD) was particularly upset, who is struggling with a disastrous budget and rising debt.

Van Achter was also active in the Mobility and Environment committees, where she asked critical questions about SmartMove or more recently about the renovation obligation for owners.

She sometimes lacks accuracy and often opts for the argument that Flanders is doing better (where the N-VA leads the government). The latter does not always contribute to the strength of her argument. At the same time, Van Achter tried to make the N-VA acceptable to the French speakers and to show that the Flemish nationalists are ready to help govern the capital.

Her role as chair of the Uber committee, where she tried to stand above the fray, may have contributed to this.

Will we see her again?

Yes. She is party leader for the Brussels parliament.

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