awg architects realizes ‘Home at the station’ in Deinze

awg architects realizes ‘Home at the station’ in Deinze
awg architects realizes ‘Home at the station’ in Deinze

Within the Thuis aan de station residence, each unit is characterized by the implementation of sustainable technologies. The apartments, ranging from one to three bedrooms, are each equipped with an individual heat pump and underfloor heating. These systems are not only intended to minimize energy consumption but also to guarantee a pleasant indoor climate. The project thus embodies a sustainable approach to living, where comfort does not come at the expense of environmental impact.

Architectural approach

The architectural concept, realized by awg architects, demonstrates a deep understanding of both aesthetic values ​​and functional requirements. With carefully planned sun terraces spread over four floors, large windows and a striking presence in the cityscape, the design offers a fresh interpretation of urban living. The architecture of Thuis aan de Statie, which is based on an interplay between light, space and greenery, strives to create a harmonious living experience that promotes both private and communal well-being.

Community through design

An important asset of this project is the shared roof garden of over 300 square meters, which serves as a green meeting place for residents. This communal space is designed to strengthen social cohesion and provides a welcome change from the urban environment. By offering residents a shared, green space, the project underlines the importance of social connections and well-being in today’s residential culture.

Location and quality of life

The location of the project, directly opposite the station, ensures optimal accessibility and adds significant value to the daily quality of life of the residents. With a series of 18 above-ground parking spaces and a commercial space that benefits from large windows for maximum visibility, the residential project emphasizes the importance of both functionality and aesthetics. The proximity to essential urban amenities, such as restaurants, schools, and cultural centers, further confirms the attractiveness of this location.

Modern urban development

Through the combination of a strategic location, progressive sustainability techniques, and a strong focus on community building, Thuis aan de Statie positions itself as a striking example of modern urban development. The project illustrates how architecture, technology, and social interaction can come together to create an enriching living environment that meets the needs of today’s city dwellers.

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