BFTP is holding a New Year’s reception in Limburg

BFTP is holding a New Year’s reception in Limburg
BFTP is holding a New Year’s reception in Limburg

The BFTP, the Belgian Federation of Tourist Press, held their New Year’s reception today in Leopoldsburg. The group combined a feast with a visit to the Liberation Garden museum. The Belgian Federation of Tourist Press was founded in 1991 and brings together journalists, press officers, tourism teachers and guides, in short, representatives who each transfer their knowledge related to tourism in a specific field. Alderman for Tourism Marleen Kauffmann from Leopoldsburg welcomed the group this morning. She explained the new museum, but especially went into more detail about the plans for it to further expand war tourism around the Second World War in Limburg. “We are already making a nice connection with the military cemetery in Hechtel-Eksel and the military cemeteries in Lommel. The intention is that we also cross the border and connect Leopoldsburg with Arnhem. The museum should bring added value to the whole of Limburg in terms of tourism. That is why the province of Limburg is an important partner. What Ypres was in the Westhoek around the First World War, Leopoldsburg must become in the Limburg Oosthoek before the Second World War,” Kaufmann enthusiastically told the group.

One of the BFTP’s next excursions is again in Limburg with a visit to Terhills in Maasmechelen.

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