Silver (Verstrynge) and bronze (Michels) for the Belgian promises, but Del Grosso is unapproachable


Cyclocross World Championships: promises

12:30 Tabor

‘Tibor in Tabor’. It was written in the stars that Tibor del Grosso would grab the world title among the promises. The Dutchman went solo just after the first round. Emiel Verstrynge tried to hold on, but fell back to Jente Michels. Verstrynge ultimately won the sprint for silver.

A massive crash marred the start of the U21s. The Belgian trump cards Emiel Verstrynge and Jente Michels had escaped, just like top favorite Tibor del Grosso.

Known for his lightning-quick opening round, Del Grosso wasted no time. The Dutchman soon had the Belgians moaning songs of lamentation.

On a molehill, Del Grosso placed his decisive attack at the beginning of the 2nd round.

Verstrynge defended himself like a devil in a holy water font. But our compatriot didn’t stand a chance against the lively and frisky style of the Dutchman with Italian roots.

For Del Grosso, who is under contract with the Roodhooft brothers, it is his first rainbow jersey ever.

Michels came to keep a somewhat tired Verstrynge company, but made a slide in the final lap.

Still, it came to a sprint between the two Belgians, in which Verstrynge (vice world champion for the 2nd time) overran Michels.

Jente Michels: “3rd place as good as European title”

“I really suffered,” said the new world champion Tibor del Grosso with a fresh cup.

“It was only in the last half lap that I felt confident of victory. But some stones had still come up due to the soft surface. I had to be careful until the last minutes.”

Del Grosso still had flattering words for the host country. “I have always dreamed of becoming world champion, so it is fantastic to achieve that in a cool country like the Czech Republic.”


A medal is nice, but I came for gold.

Emiel Verstrynge (2nd)

The Belgians resigned themselves to Del Grosso’s mastery. “I did everything I could for 2 laps to get back to Tibor. After 2 laps over the limit, it was over for me and I fell silent towards the finish.”

The silver doesn’t mean much Emiel Verstrynge (2nd). “For me it was win or nothing. A medal is nice, but I came for gold. This may be the story of my season.”

Jente Michels (3rd) could value his medal more: “I value this 3rd place at the World Cup as highly as my European title.”

“When I came to Emiel, I thought that we could still ride to Del Grosso together. But we were both a bit lost. Del Grosso is, also based on the entire season, the deserved world champion.”


Phase by phase

Del Grosso triumphs, Verstrynge beats Michels

The top favorite makes it happen: Del Grosso gives the Netherlands a world title in Tabor.

In the sprint for silver, Emiel Verstrynge overtakes compatriot Jente Michels.


In economy mode, Del Grosso completes the last hectometers. After 2 Belgian world champions among the reserves, the Dutch team is again in charge.

Tibor del Grosso makes it a triumph. The 20-year-old Dutchman will have a place in the Alpecin-Deceuninck devotion team from this season.

Slider from Michels

Jente Michels slumps in the battle for silver. Verstrynge does not want to profit from this and waits for his compatriot.

Final round

With a reassuring bonus of 26 seconds, Tibor del Grosso zooms into the final lap. Jente Michels and Emiel Verstrynge continue to accelerate in the pursuit.

Jente Michels still drives with such dedication!

Ruben Van Gucht

Situation after 4 of the 5 rounds

1. Tibor del Grosso (Ned)

2. Jente Michels on 26″

3. Emiel Verstrynge

4. Léo Bisiaux (Fra) at 1’12”

5. Rémi Lelandais (Fra) at 1’31”

Belgian meeting for places 2 and 3

Del Grosso cannot be caught making any mistakes. Michels and Verstrynge will soon be able to battle it out in the final round to see who will win silver and bronze.

Michels and Verstrynge stick together.

Ruben Van Gucht

Michels joins Verstrynge, can they make up time on Del Grosso?


Michels at Verstrynge

His attempt to keep Del Grosso in his sights is now causing Verstrynge a bitter blow. He is now even joined by the 2nd Belgian in the race: Jente Michels.

This happens 24 seconds from the Dutch soloist Tibor del Grosso.

Difficult moment Verstrynge

Del Grosso delivers another great blow. Verstrynge’s deficit climbs over 20 seconds. Michels now has Verstrynge in his sights.

Situation after 3 of the 5 rounds

1. Tibor del Grosso (Ned)

2. Emiel Verstrynge on 14″

3. Jente Michels on 28″

4. Léo Bisiaux (Fra) on 54″

5. Arne Baers at 1’15”

Verstrynge doesn’t give up

A doubled Chilean briefly thwarts Verstrynge’s hunting party. Our Belgian trump card is still not far behind Del Grosso: 13 seconds.

The bird has taken flight. I think you need good thyme to catch it again.

Paul Herygers

Elusive Dutchman

Not a drop of decay at Del Grosso. On the contrary, the Dutchman walks further away and now sets Verstrynge at 15 seconds.

The first 2 places seem to be fixed for the time being with Tibor del Grosso and Emiel Verstrynge.

In the battle for bronze, Jente Michels has his hands full against first-year promise Léo Bisiaux (Fra).

Verstrynge loses field

The Belgian citizen briefly took courage when Verstrynge halved his deficit to 6 seconds. But Del Grosso flies a little further away: his bonus is 10 seconds.

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