Border crossing with Belgium still closed due to farmers’ protest

Border crossing with Belgium still closed due to farmers’ protest
Border crossing with Belgium still closed due to farmers’ protest

The border crossing with Belgium, the A67 near Eersel, is still closed due to protesting farmers, an ANWB spokesperson said. The A16 near Hazeldonk is open again, according to the ANWB. The Markiezaat junction (A4) had also been reopened earlier.

Belgian farmers have been blocking the border crossing since Thursday night to Friday, in protest against the Green Deal and because they are dissatisfied with European fertilizer rules. Dutch farmers have also joined the protests in solidarity.

There are currently no other roads closed in the Netherlands due to farmers’ actions. That was the case on Friday evening. Then farmers also protested on highways in several places in our country. For example, the A7 near Hoorn was closed in both directions. Farmers in Friesland also drove onto the A7 and N31 near Drachten, and in Utrecht along the A12 near De Meern a driveway was blocked and hay bales were on fire.

A lane on the A1 highway between Rijssen and Markelo was closed all night, because emergency services had to clean up rubbish from fires after a farmers’ demonstration. Several fires had been set along the highway in all kinds of rubble and waste. The road is now free again, according to the ANWB. On Friday evening, Rijkswaterstaat reported that specialists would check the large piles of rubble that were left behind for asbestos. A spokesperson could not yet say on Saturday morning whether this had indeed been found.

Rijkswaterstaat advises road users who have to go to Belgium on Saturday to be well prepared. “Road users who have to go in that direction would do well to keep an eye on the current traffic information. That is still important,” the spokesperson said. On Friday, when several border crossings were closed due to farmers’ actions, the advice was to postpone the trip to Belgium if possible.


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