Farmers hand out local vegetables on N16: “We want to radiate positivity” (Willebroek)

Farmers hand out local vegetables on N16: “We want to radiate positivity” (Willebroek)
Farmers hand out local vegetables on N16: “We want to radiate positivity” (Willebroek)

Last Friday evening, a farmers’ protest action caused disruption on the N16 in Bornem. On the Temsebrug, about ten tractors blocked the road towards Bornem. A kilometer before the bridge, on the N16 towards Temse, several dozen farmers and their tractors took over the left lane. The farmers handed out fresh vegetables to passers-by.

Wout Van Den Eede, Theo Derkinderen

Yesterday at 6:55 PM

Around 4 p.m. the road towards Bornem was blocked by a blockade at the Temsebrug. Among the crowd that had gathered, there was speculation that the bridge would also be blocked from the other side. That ultimately turned out not to be the case. The procession from Bornem stopped on the track just before the bridge around 6 p.m.

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With this action, the agricultural council of Klein-Brabant, which was supported by the Waasland department from Temse, wants to draw attention to the positive nature of their protest action. “We come to the streets for our future as well as that of the consumer,” says one of the spokespersons with a few typical green vegetable bins in front of him. Another farmer plays DJ with his horn. “Most people respond positively, we have already seen many hearts and thumbs up,” the spokesperson continues. “We are also sponsored by a local farm shop. So people are more likely to be on our side, despite our protest actions.”

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After their action on Tuesday at the carpool parking in Breendonk, the farmers of Klein-Brabant did not sit still. “I went to the port of Antwerp,” says one of the farmers. “But we were eventually chased away by the bailiff. If we did not stop our blockade, we would be fined 1,000 euros per day.”

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The farmers also do not plan to pull it longer than necessary. When all the vegetables have been distributed, they stand up. “We do this because we also notice that there is already more political movement,” says one of the spokespersons. “Now they also have to translate those words into actions. It cannot remain just empty promises.” Elsewhere in the country things got tougher this week. These farmers are keeping their protest peaceful. “We absolutely do not want to cause any destruction,” he said. “Our message is printed on the bags of Brussels sprouts. Buy local!”

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