A67 still closed at the border with Belgium due to farmers’ action

Farmers block the A67

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The A67 near the Belgian border is still closed due to farmer protests. Farmers block the road between Eindhoven and Antwerp with tractors and other vehicles.

Belgian and Dutch farmers have been organizing a major protest at the border since Thursday evening. They plan to stay for days.

The demonstrating farmers are angry about, among other things, the nitrogen policy and what they see as strict European regulations. At the border there are mainly Belgian farmers, where Dutch colleagues have joined in solidarity.

Also actions elsewhere

Yesterday there were also farmer blockades in North Holland, on the A7 near Hoorn, in Friesland near Drachten on the A7 and in Utrecht on the A12 near De Meern. Farmers blocked driveways and set fire to hay bales.

Action was also taken on the A1 between Hengelo and Apeldoorn. A spokesperson for the fire brigade spoke to ANP of “all kinds of rubble and waste”. There were also plates among the waste. The fire brigade suspected that it was asbestos.

There have been several large farmers’ protests in EU member states in recent weeks. They took to the road with their tractors in Germany, France and Belgium, among others. Capitals were shut down out of dissatisfaction with European regulations and the national government.

“No Dutch problem”

According to outgoing Minister of Agriculture Adema, the farmers’ protests throughout Europe prove that the European regulatory burden on farmers is not a typically Dutch problem. “In Europe, measures are being devised that are the same for all countries. But we are a completely different country than Spain, which is different from Italy or Germany,” Adema said yesterday.

He wants to talk to Dutch farmers next week. Later this month he will discuss the Dutch proposals with his European colleagues. “I hear from them that they are also talking to their agricultural sector in this way. Perhaps this is the time to get more space.”

This is what happened yesterday at the border crossing into Belgium:

Border crossings closed due to farmer protests

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