Young man crosses tracks twice while barriers have long been down: “Police patrol was ready” (Dendermonde)

Young man crosses tracks twice while barriers have long been down: “Police patrol was ready” (Dendermonde)
Young man crosses tracks twice while barriers have long been down: “Police patrol was ready” (Dendermonde)

In Sint-Gillis again someone crossed the railway when the lights were already red. Two days ago, the police posted such a video of a motorist. This time it concerns a young man who crosses the railway while the barriers have long been down. Twice. He was caught just as many times by a patrol team and was fined.

The new video that the local police of Dendermonde dropped on the social media is even more blatant than the one from the day before yesterday. Then a motorist performed life-threatening tricks at the Diepestraat level crossing in Sint-Gillis. It had been red for sixteen seconds, the barriers came down and a few seconds after the car had crossed the tracks a freight train thundered past.

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A new video surfaced on Friday, from the night from Thursday to Friday. No less than 44 seconds after the barriers were down, you see a young man walking over the railway crossing in Buisstraat, at ‘den halt’ in Sint-Gillis. “We thought images say more than words,” says Patrick Feys, chief of police of the local police of Dendermonde. “Under the motto two images say more than words, we now posted two videos of the same person who manages to cross the level crossing twice within 40 minutes when the red lights come on.”

Once again, life-threatening situations for which there are few words. “The first time he does this no less than 44 seconds after the barriers were down. We also have cameras at this level crossing and a patrol was ready to intervene immediately.”

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There are many level crossings in Sint-Gillis, because several railway lines meet at Dendermonde station. Crossing recklessly when the lights are red seems to be commonplace. What the police show could only be the tip of the iceberg. A report was made and the young man told the officers he understood the danger. He would never do this again. “Until 40 minutes later when he crosses the level crossing again when it has already been on the alarm for five seconds,” says Feys. “Karma squared, because the same patrol team is also on site to determine the second violation.”

It has been proven that there are indeed checks at railway crossings in Dendermonde. The young man committed two offenses of the most serious degree and will probably have to answer before the police judge. There are fines of up to 4,000 euros for inappropriate behavior.

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