From an old candy factory to an urban and striking office building

From an old candy factory to an urban and striking office building
From an old candy factory to an urban and striking office building

The entire building, which dates from 1919, was completely gutted. The new office of Dieter Vandervelpen Architects was located on the second floor. The industrial charm of the building, with its rough exposed concrete and original floors, has been retained and forms an exciting contrast with the contemporary interior elements. The foam molds will soon give an artistic touch to the foyer. The architectural firm also makes smart use of this space as a virtual showroom and source of inspiration.

While the space is a nod to the building’s history, it also looks to the future. Thanks to roof and outer wall insulation, the energy performance of the building improves. There are also plans for solar panels.

Mysterious James Bond atmosphere

The eye-catchers of the interior are the carefully integrated Kreon fixtures. kreon holon 60, in brushed aluminum, discreetly illuminates the passageways and kitchen. The minimalist design also enhances the aesthetic value of the building. In the meeting room, the kreon nuit profile, also in brushed aluminum, ensures even lighting, ideal for presentations and meetings. For the workplace, Vander Velpen chose the kreon kagi profile, which ensures optimal work lighting thanks to asymmetrical optics. Outside on the terrace, the kreon wabi seamlessly connects the aesthetic with the functional. The outdoor luminaire has an optimally shielded optical system that maintains visual comfort and illuminates the ground surfaces.

Loyal partners

kreon has been a partner of Dieter Vander Velpen for a long time. Kreon contributed to the design from the drawing board. The renovated interior, inspired by brutalism, has plenty of natural daylight. In combination with high-quality lighting, the rooms create an optimal working atmosphere. It is an essential part that harmonizes with the space both aesthetically and functionally.

The lighting is carefully tailored to technical details such as taps and sockets. An impressive wall acts as a cabinet full of samples, with the patinated bronze lighting detail helping to highlight items. The cabinet, which displays new samples every month, is also a connection point between the different zones of the office and is accentuated by several Kreon Holon 60 fixtures.

With a warmth of 2700k, the lighting provides an inviting glow, unique and distinctive from other offices, combined with both hanging and fixed fixtures. Dieter was looking for Belgian partners to furnish the office. Support from the Limburg lighting brand Kreon is therefore evident. The lighting is custom-made, often based on standard models but adapted to the specific needs and wishes of the architect.

Vander velpen touch in the interior

The choice for this building was based on the location, the surface area and the charm of the original interior. Vander Velpen opted for a vintage-inspired interior in which several original accents have been retained. The result is an interior that emphasizes the contrast between industrial style and luxurious aspects. Bronze and rust accents are reflected in the sofas, in the large wooden table in the office space and in the lighting.

Dieter Vander Velpen Architects merges old and new, rough and refined, historic and modern in the new office building. Through the collaboration with Kreon, they managed to create a space that embodies aesthetics, functionality and innovation.

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