Farmers block several border crossings with the Netherlands in Belgium | Domestic

Farmers block several border crossings with the Netherlands in Belgium | Domestic
Farmers block several border crossings with the Netherlands in Belgium | Domestic

Protesting farmers block several border crossings into the Netherlands on Belgian territory. The border crossing on the A67 near Eersel, the one on the A16 near Hazeldonk and the one on the A4 near Markiezaat are closed on the Belgian side, Dutch and Belgian traffic services report.

Most activists come from Belgium, but Dutch farmers have also joined the protests in Eersel, one saw ANP-photographer. According to the initiator, there are about 30 to 35 sympathizers of Belgian farmers.

More than fifty tractors drove from a parking lot just across the border onto the E34, the Belgian part of the A67, around 11:30 p.m. In the other direction, in the direction of Eindhoven, the road is closed until Hapert, the ANWB reports.

Due to the closure on the Belgian side of the border crossing on the A16 near Hazeldonk, it is already busy on Friday morning, according to the ANWB. There is slow-moving traffic between Ulvenhout and the Belgian border.

The association also sees that detour options for traffic are limited. “You keep the Western Scheldt tunnel, the A2 near Maastricht and the A76 highway near Stein,” says a spokesperson.

The ANWB and Rijkswaterstaat reported on their websites on Thursday evening that the A76 between the Belgian border and Geleen in Limburg was also partly closed in both directions, but traffic could continue as normal around 1 a.m. The road is also open there, according to the Flemish Traffic Center.

Farmers protested in several European countries this week

Farmers in several EU countries, including Belgium, protested this week against EU policy, among other things. Dutch farmers went to the Overijssel provincial government building in Zwolle on Wednesday evening.

On Thursday evening, farmers took to the streets in several places to protest. This happened in Amsterdam, Arnhem, Groningen and Woerden, among others.

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