Transport Online – Several roads still close to the Belgian border due to farmers’ protests


THE HAGUE – Several border crossings with the Netherlands were also blocked by Belgian farmers on Friday morning. In the night from Thursday to Friday, just before midnight, protesting farmers on the Belgian side set up the first blockades.

Around 6:30 am on Friday, there are still blockages on the A4 between Bergen op Zoom and Antwerp, the A16 between Breda and Antwerp and the A67 between Eindhoven and Antwerp, an ANWB spokesperson reports. Rijkswaterstaat has already closed the highways at a logical point in the Netherlands due to the blockages, so that traffic can still move freely, the spokesperson continues.

Detours can be made via Limburg via the A2 between Maastricht and Liège, the A76 between Stein and Maasmechelen and the Western Scheldt tunnel, the N62. The ANWB warns of a lot of extra travel time for road users who are affected by the closures. “But it is never busy during the Friday morning rush hour. It can be very annoying, especially for the logistics sectors.”

Locally, the blockages could also lead to extra traffic on the road, he further warns. According to the ANWB, the closures are especially common in Belgium, but hardly in the Netherlands. Only at Zundert, next to the A16, does the ANWB see a lot of cut-through traffic crossing the border from the Netherlands early on Friday morning.

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