Farmers block border crossings with North Brabant in Belgium

Farmers block border crossings with North Brabant in Belgium
Farmers block border crossings with North Brabant in Belgium


Protesting farmers blocked several border crossings with the Netherlands on Belgian territory on Friday morning. The border crossing of the A67 at Eersel, that of the A16 at Hazeldonk and that of the A4 at Markiezaat are closed on the Belgian side. The border crossing of the A76 between Stein and Maasmechelen is not blocked.

Rijkswaterstaat has already closed the highways at a logical point in the Netherlands due to the blockages, so that traffic can still move freely. Rijkswaterstaat advises road users who have to go to Belgium to postpone their trip if possible. You can take a detour via, for example, Zeeland or Limburg. “But we don’t know how quickly the situation can change,” said a spokesperson.

Dutch farmers

Most activists come from Belgium, but a number of Dutch farmers have joined the protests in Eersel, says an ANP photographer on site.

Near Eersel, around 11:30 PM on Thursday evening, more than fifty tractors drove from a parking lot just across the border onto the E34, the Belgian part of the A67. They have lit fires along the road and in speeches call for the blockade to continue for a few days. From Bergeijk, Dutch tractors with farmers drove to the border crossing to join the Belgians. According to the initiator, there are about 30 to 35 Dutch people who sympathize with the Belgian farmers.

The police also took actions at the border crossing at Stein into account, but traffic can continue there.

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