Rijkswaterstaat advises NOT to go to Belgium by car

Rijkswaterstaat advises NOT to go to Belgium by car
Rijkswaterstaat advises NOT to go to Belgium by car

You wouldn’t wish anyone a car trip to Belgium anyway, but now the official authorities also advise against driving to our southern neighbors. We can make a lot of jokes about the quality of the asphalt, the unfortunately planned roadworks or that it sometimes even seems like the country is run by interns, but we won’t do that. Promise.

Rijkswaterstaat advises not to go to Belgium by car because there are demonstrations at the border crossings. Dissatisfied farmers have partially blocked the border at the A67, A16 and A4. This means that it is not only busy on the highway, but also on all alternative routes. So reschedule your meeting or suggest scheduling a Zoom call.

Stay away from Belgium by car for the next ten years

There are (unfortunately) still routes to get to Belgium, but this could change quickly, Rijkswaterstaat thinks: ‘We don’t know how quickly the situation can change’. The advice not to go to Belgium will probably remain in force for the next ten years, although Rijkswaterstaat itself has not yet said anything about this. That is our interpretation, because we still enjoy lame jokes about Belgian roads.

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