MR strict Beci CEO Olivier Willocx: ‘Giving a voice to Brussels companies’

MR strict Beci CEO Olivier Willocx: ‘Giving a voice to Brussels companies’
MR strict Beci CEO Olivier Willocx: ‘Giving a voice to Brussels companies’

Willocx is CEO of Beci, which represents thousands of Brussels companies. At the end of last year he sounded the alarm when he said that the Region was on its way to bankruptcy. Willocx is not unfamiliar with the MR. In the 1990s he worked for the cabinet of the liberal minister Hervé Hasquin. He was then responsible for the renovation of the Atomium.

Economic heart

“Economic uncertainty for companies is increasing across the country,” said MR chairman Georges-Louis Bouchez. “First of all, Willocx will concentrate within our party on the challenges associated with this.”

The situation would be particularly bad in Brussels, the chairman said.

“Brussels is the economic heart of Belgium, the showcase of our country,” says Bouchez. “But increasing regulations, including in the field of mobility, are detrimental to the attractiveness of the region and the will to do business.”

Partly due to Willocx’s background, the party hopes to change that. Brussels faction leader David Leisterh sounded a similar message: “Willocx knows very well what is going on in Brussels and is an expert in the field of economics. With him, the Brussels middle class will have a future again.”


Providing an answer to those challenges is what persuaded Willocx to accept MR’s proposal. “My place on the regional list is an opportunity to give a voice to companies,” he says BRUZZ. “They are still not heard enough due to the current policy. Hence my decision to take a new path after almost 25 years of Beci.”

“Today there is a lot of uncertainty among companies. We have to work on that. By creating healthy conditions for our companies, we can reduce poverty and unemployment. We hope to achieve a good election result, so that the economy can improve.”

Willocx is currently still active at Beci. “During the campaign weeks I will take leave there. I do not want to combine both positions. Afterwards I will make a full transition to politics.”

However, Willocx does not rule out a return to the business world. “But given my age, there is a good chance that my career change will be permanent,” he concludes.

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